Papi Santana – “Hola” [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO]

Papi Santana fra Malmö er ute med singelen “Hola” via The Bank Music, og her har dere musikkvideoen i regi av Nicolai Söderqvist.

Stream “Hola” av Papi Santana på Spotify:

Papi Santanas journey goes between Malaga in Spain and Skåne in Sweden. 20 years old, new wave artist and storyteller of a positive perspective of life.

Santi: “Because my main goal is to spread happiness, I’m a bit different I believe. That might be controversial, but that’s the way I think”

Papi Santanas new single is called ”Hola” and is a collaboration of Danish producer Elias Seguija, Finnish producer RZY and Papi himself. The song is released on the 8th of June.

Santi: “Life is short and fast. I try to live it in the best possible way, with all that comes with that. That’s what I want those who listen to know.”

Hola is released though The Bank Music.

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